Physician Award

Physician of the Year Award

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend a physician who demonstrates exemplary qualities as a teacher, visionary, and executor of the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical care.


This award was established in memory of Mark E. Quigley, M.D., who was a driving force in Emergency Medical Services in North Central Connecticut and throughout the entire state. This award has been established to honor his name and to highlight Dr. Quigley’s important accomplishments in his own life and in the Emergency Medical Services community.

From his earliest beginning at Johnson Memorial Hospital, to his last night “on duty”, Dr. Quigley always put his patients first. Dr. Quigley’s unwavering commitment to assisting his fellow man ultimately cost him his life. Dr. Quigley’s objective was to advance the level of Emergency Medical Services care. He developed a first responder defibrillation program for rural coverage areas as well as introduced the concept of responding with an intercept vehicle to provide patients with specialized skills and equipment.

Dr. Quigley encouraged provider agencies to work together, understanding how important it is for all of the links of the EMS System to cooperate for the system to function properly and efficiently.

“Teacher of Wisdom, Mentor in Medicine and Fellow of Humility”