Vocation Award

EMS Vocation Award

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend an individual whose chosen career is Emergency Medical Services. This award was established in honor of Carol Gillooly and William Lawton who were killed in the line of duty. Candidates for this award must:
  • Choose EMS as their career.
  • Contribute to the excellence of EMS in their area.
  • Demonstrate true commitment to the excellence of pre-hospital care.

Vocation- Definition: A person’s employment or main occupation, especially regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication.


William (Bill) Lawton was a volunteer firefighter for Killingworth Volunteer Fire Department and a full time employee of Hunter’s Ambulance Service, Inc. as an EMT.

Carol Gillooly was employed by Middlesex Hospital and by Hunter’s Ambulance as an EMT.

On the evening of September 2, 1989, a drunk driver struck the ambulance in which Bill and Carol were transporting a non-emergent patient, killing them both.