EMS Leadership Award

Leadership in EMS Award

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend an individual that has made a positive impact on pre-hospital care. This award provides an opportunity for the EMS Community to recognize the talents and accomplishments of an individual’s promotion of the Emergency Medical Services System as a Public Health entity. The candidate may be nominated for efforts and accomplishments at the town, regional or state levels, and may be for participation on EMS committees, councils, organizations, or communications. A nomination application with a description of the accomplishments of the Candidate should include some or all of the following criteria:

Devoting time beyond expectation to duties regarding the promotion of an EMS System such as:

  • Participating in special events to promote EMS.
  • Improving community awareness of the EMS system.
  • Coordinating and/or implementing community outreach programs.

Providing leadership in EMS on several levels:

  • Actively participating on organizations, committees, or coalitions that promote or develop EMS programs.
  • Providing guidance, management or directorship in any EMS related issue that has the potential to affect a region, multiple towns, or the state.

Being a catalyst for measurably improving the pre-hospital care system:

  • Improving the abilities of lay citizens in recognizing an emergency exists.
  • Promoting and educating the community in the CPR skills.
  • Shaping the future of EMS in Connecticut through Policy, Regulation, and or Guideline development.

Pro-Active involvement in EMS related legislative initiatives:

  • Advocating for the enhancement of the EMS system at Public Hearings
  • Interacting one on one with members of the Legislature.
  • Promoting the importance of EMS to the Connecticut General Assembly.