Educator Award

Educator of the Year Award

The intent of the Educator of the Year Award is to recognize and commend an EMS Educatorwho excels as an Instructor and/or has made a significant contribution to EMS through education.

This award was established in memory of Paul Winfield Smith. Mr. Smith’s four decades of Emergency Medical Services Educational Achievements have had significant state and national impact. Mr. Smith was influential in curricula development at both the State and
National levels. His leadership on task forces has contributed to the integrity of the comprehensive EMS System in Connecticut and the nation. Mr. Smith served as the Chief of the Educational and Training Section at the Connecticut State Office of Emergency Medical
Services for 20 years. In this capacity he was responsible for the curricula development, certification, and authorization of EMS-Instructors. A mentor to many in the EMS community, Paul Winfield Smith is a published expert in the field of EMS and has received dozens of awards for his lifetime achievement in the field of EMS education.