Achievement Award

Distinguished Achievement Award

This award recognizes and commends individuals who have given of their time and talents to improve the level of pre-hospital care. The candidate’s contribution may be to any facet of pre-hospital care at the town, regional or state level, and may be for direct patient care or for active participation on committees, councils, organizations, or communications.

The nomination should include a description of some of the accomplishments of the Candidate. Examples of these accomplishments include:

Devoting time beyond expectation to duties such as:

• Participating in special events to promote EMS
• Improving EMS communications
• Other

Active participation in the coordination of Public Education:

• Public Access Defibrillation Programs
• Community CPR Training
• Injury Prevention Programs

Providing leadership in EMS on several levels:

• On town, region or state organizations and/or committees
• Providing guidance, management, directorship, tutelage or coaching in any EMS related organization
• Other

Being a catalyst for measurably improving the pre-hospital care system, locally or on county, region or state level.