CT EMS Awards

In existence since 1983 and previously the purview of the Connecticut Emergency MedicalService Foundation. In early 2012 the Foundation contacted the Council of Regional Chairpersons (CORC) for assistance with the CT EMS Awards. As a result of these conversations, CORC had agreed to take a lead role in soliciting nominations and determining the recipients of the awards. CORC, now known as the Council of Regional Presidents  (CORP), continues the tradition of recognizing and honoring our EMS professionals and those who support the EMS System in Connecticut.

While each category has individual questions that are optional, we encourage you to take the time to complete each section. You can give as much or as little detail as you want. However, when the panel is considering multiple nominees, it is helpful for them to read about each nominee to get to know them and see the things that highlight their excellence and set them apart from fellow nominees. Nominees come from every corner of the state with different EMS systems and resources, and the panel takes the time to get to know each candidate. 


EMS Agency of the Year (Career or Volunteer)

This award was established to recognize and commend an EMS Organization, whether commercial or volunteer in structure, that has enhanced the understanding and support of the EMS System through their public service, community education and contributions to a city, town, region or the state as a whole.

Leadership in EMS Award

For an individual who has positively impacted the EMS system The intent of this award is to recognize and commend an individual that has made an impact on pre-hospital care. The award provides an opportunity for the EMS Community to recognize the talents and accomplishments of an individual’s promotion of the Emergency Medical Services System as a Public Health entity. The candidate may be nominated for efforts and accomplishments at the town, regional or state levels, and may be for participation on EMS committees, councils, organizations, or communications.

EMS Impact Award
(Established in 1986 in Honor of Dr. A.E. Hertzler Knox)

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend an individual whose work has made a lasting and significant impact on EMS in Connecticut. Dr. Knox was medical director of the Hartford Fire Insurance Group (now The Hartford Group). He worked to maximize the availability and minimize the cost of health and accident insurance. He served on the Connecticut Advisory Council on EMS which published a report to the Governor entitled “Emergency Medical services in  Connecticut, a Blueprint for Change”. He served as Acting Director of OEMS in 1978 and conducted a national search for a permanent Director. He was appointed as the first OEMS Medical Director in 1980 and provided physician input and coordination for the agency

EMS Vocation Award
(Established in 1991 in memory of Carol Gillooly and William Lawton)

For Exceptional Providers who consider EMS a vocation
The intent of this award is to recognize and commend an individual who has chosen EMS as a full or part time vocation, has contributed to the excellence of EMS in their area and demonstrates a true commitment to their vocation in pre-hospital care. This award is named for EMT Carol Gillooly and EMT William Lawton, who were killed in the line of duty in 1989 when the ambulance they were in was struck head on by a vehicle that crossed the centerline. They were both employees of Hunter’s Ambulance. Bill was also a Volunteer Firefighter for Killingworth VFD and Carol worked at Middlesex Hospital.

Volunteer of the Year Award
(Established in 1990 in memory of George A. Ganung)

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend a volunteer for his/her dedication to the service of others in his or her community. While recognizing one volunteer, the award recipient is an example of the tireless efforts of volunteers throughout Connecticut. George was a volunteer firefighter and EMT who sustained an electrical shock while responding to the scene of an MVA in 1987. He passed away from his injuries in 1989. George gave his life in service for the well being of the citizens of his community, the ultimate sacrifice. 

Distinguished Achievement Award

Established in 1986, this award recognizes and commends individuals who have given of their time and talents to improve the level of pre-hospital care. The candidate’s contribution may be to any facet of pre-hospital care at the town, regional or state level, and may be for direct patient care or for active participation on committees, councils, organizations, or communications.

Physician of the Year Award
(Established in 1998 in Honor of Dr. Mark E. Quigley)

The intent of this award is to recognize and commend a physician who demonstrates exemplary qualities as a teacher, visionary, and executor of the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical care. Dr. Quigley always put the patient first. Every patient was important and treated received the same excellent care without regard to socioeconomic status. He was a man that had the knack for communicating well with all his patients whether four years old or an educated adult. His mission was to advance the level of EMS care beginning with the development of a first responder defibrillation program for a rural coverage area. He also introduced the concept of responding with an intercept vehicle that provided patients with specialized skills and equipment and had the ability to communicate with the ED. He encouraged provider agencies to work together, and further enhanced this cooperation by adding paramedic support.

Educator of the Year Award
(Established in Honor of Paul Winfield Smith)

The intent of the Paul Winfield Smith Instructional Achievement Award is to recognize and commend an EMS educator who excels as an instructor and/or has made a significant contribution to EMS through education. Paul served as Chief of the Educational and Training section at OEMS. His influence on national committees and in State Government and taskforce leadership roles has contributed to the integrity of comprehensive EMS systems in Connecticut and the nation.

EMS Supporter of the Year Award
(Established in 1997 in Honor of Gerald Ferrari)

For “Behind the Scene” Supporters of EMS The Gerald Ferrari Award was established to recognize and commend individuals who are “behind the scene” supporters of Emergency Medical Services in Connecticut who are not necessarily EMS practitioners, but rather, the unsung heroes whose work often goes on behind the scene and typically goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Jerry was an ambulance salesman. However, he did not merely “sell” ambulances. Instead he acted as a technical expert and advisor to his clients. He assisted EMS providers in making vehicle purchases by listening to their needs and then supporting their ideas and suggestions with the manufacturers. Jerry felt strongly that the sick and injured are entitled to have the best transport equipment available to help them in their time of need.

Legislator of the Year Award

The intent of this award is to recognize a legislator that has demonstrated legislative leadership and support for Emergency Medical Services in the State of Connecticut.

EMS Unit Citation Award:

The EMS Unit Citation recognizes acts of organizations, units, or specially constituted teams in providing emergency prehospital care or EMS system support activities under extreme circumstances.

EMS Communications Award

To honor an individual(s) or group who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of emergency medical dispatch or EMS communications system planning or administration in the State of Connecticut.

Years of Service Recognition:

CT EMS Awards Committee provides certificates of recognition for Years of Service at 10,15,20,25,30 and 35 years.

“Last Call” Recognition:

In memory of those members of the Connecticut EMS community who passed away during the
previous year. There will be a moment of silence to honor these individuals and their names will be
noted in the program book.