Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The intent of this award is to recognize and honor an individual who has made an extraordinary, significant and lasting contribution to the Emergency Medical Services System on a national or international level. This award was established in honor of Dr. Richard L. Judd for his lasting contributions to the EMS System. This award is not intended to be awarded on an annual basis.
History: Richard Judd, PH.D. first became involved in the Emergency Medical Services system when he joined a local rescue squad in Virginia. Upon moving to Connecticut, he became involved in EMT training programs.

As a faculty member and Dean of Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Dr. Judd developed and presented Emergency Medical-Instructor Training Programs. He was instrumental in developing a national curriculum for Instructors with the Federal Department of Transportation. He served as Chair of the Governor’s EMS Advisory Board from its inception to 1996. Even while serving as President at CCSU, he still made time to teaching the Campus EMT program, His work in educating out-of-hospital personnel and the general population has likely been instrumental in improving patient care in Connecticut and around the world.