About the Council of Regional Chairpersons (CORC)

The Council of Regional Chairpersons consists of the five EMS Regional Chairpersons or Presidents. Our purpose for meeting is to try and make sure each region knows what is going on within the other EMS regions. If Region 1 is conducting some sort of educational program maybe Region 4 will want consider doing the same. If Region 4 came up with a legislative initiative they think is worth pursuing they bring it up for discussion so the other chairpersons can bring it back to their regions to deliberate.

This website ( and Facebook Page ( were CORC initiatives. The content from each region comes from those specific regions. The amount of information that is now available to all interested parties is much greater than it has been. CT DPH OEMS also updates their page with greater frequency as a result.

In 2012, CORC took another initiative by taking over the CT EMS Awards. We have had two very successful events each being held the Monday of EMS Week. The first was held in the Legislative Office Building and the second in the Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol. The 2013 event was so well attended more chairs needed to be brought into the room and we still had people standing. There were many members of the CT State Legislature present recognizing the efforts put forth by all the award recipients. We hope to see the event grow even larger in the coming years.

It was hard for CT DPH OEMS not to notice these initiatives as these meetings took place in their conference rooms. Our group meets monthly at CT DPH OEMS. The EMS Coordinators are faithful attendees and as time permits the Director will also attend.

CORC is now working on their next initiative, the EMS PRO Expo. Please look for more information on this site, or go to or you can find us on Facebook or Twitter. This is where we see the EMS Community coming together as ONE. Where you’ll have Opportunities for Networking and Education.

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